As a professional with backgrounds in computer science, fine art, and business, I am one of those rare people that can strategically plan like a marketer, think like a developer, and see like an artist.

I’ve spent the last eight years freelancing and working full time at the largest private university in the great state of Minnesota. The opportunities I’ve been fortunate to have enabled me to refine and use skills which all support my singular goal: create satisfying user experiences.

This translates to creating fluid and intuitive visual designs for websites, applications, and emails which are operated by hundreds and viewed by millions. I help organizations strategize on how to most effectively organize and deliver information that will support their goals and business needs. I help colleges and schools to better understand how to effectively use data to deliver a more personalized communication. I understand and advocate for the needs of my clients and their customers in all that I do, and I love love love what I do.

If you’re interested in connecting with me, please contact me at matt@washstudios.com. I look forward to hearing from you.